Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So Much Love!

Wow! Visitors really are easier at the hospital! =) We are getting all settled in at home, with mama healing from her c-section, and daddy going back to work. So, we are learning how our routine is going to look, how "home" is going to function. We have been blessed with the offers from all our friends and family, and are taking people up on it as needed to help with the house, adjusting to parent life, helping with the furbabies...etc. We appreciate that everyone "gets it" as we are using this time to get comfortable with our new lives. We are almost ready for visitors - just call and see how things are at home before stopping by.

Here are the photos of people that have visited where we actually remembered to get photos!

Natalie and Alyson - new aunts

The Phillips Family - Kristen, James and Hannah (in 2 trips)
The Tiptons - cousins Jamie, Tom and Alyssa

Todd Phillips and Christina Bennett - proud cousins (and not sure how Christina didn't make the photo reel!)

Grandpa Earl and Gramma Trisch
Great Grandma Barb and Great Grandpa Art
Grandma Diane and Grandpa Chuck

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  1. So pleased to see you have started this Blog. I will come down to visit just as soon as your ready and as soon as I am not plagued by a cold. Your daughter is beautiful. I am so happy for you and Tim. Hugs and much love!!