Friday, September 24, 2010

Fire Station Model

When Tim and I went to the fire station to have Layla's carseat installed last month, the fireman who helped us made us promise to bring the seat back full to be able to see baby. He said that he always gets to see the seats empty, but he never gets to see the fruits of his labor. So, one night we knew he was on the clock, we ran down to show off our full car seat. Dave was in heaven and could have rocked the baby all night!

We went on to do a "photo shoot" on the fire engine and with Dave's equipment. I think he is going to try to use some of the photos for his next fire safety brochure. Our baby, a model, at a week old!

*And to all who have not had their car seats inspected, I highly recommend stopping by when you are out our way. Dave is certified and we learned a lot of good stuff from him!

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