Saturday, November 20, 2010

We Heart Cell Phones

Its very nice to have cell phones - they help with the photos. I have several on my camera that I will try to get around to uploading tomorrow, but I am too lazy to take out the card, plug it into the adapter, link it to the pc, etc....

So instead, for anyone who watches Raising Hope, I hope they can appreciate the resemblance.  Mommy is getting better at this hat making thing - this one is home made:

This photo was taken while she was intently watching the Buckeye game today.  She actually got mad when we turned her away from it. Quite possibly one of their youngest fans. (Tim asked how I knew she wasn't a Hawkeye). Her hands were headed to her mouth - she found them this week, and is thoroughly enjoying sucking on her fingers. Its pretty entertaining when she already has a bottle in her mouth to watch her try to shove a hand in too - but its also pretty messy!!

And a few photos as she is starting to enjoy sitting up more than laying down. She is growing so quickly and developing so well! We had her two month checkup on 11/17, and she weighed 12 lbs 8 oz and was 23.25 inches long.  Wowsa.

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