Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two months old!

Layla went to visit the Grandparents while mommy and daddy went out for mommy's birthday / our anniversary dinner.  She had fun, and mommy, well, she survived, and only texted one time to check on her. It only gets easier from here, right?

Just playing on my playmat, checking out the zoo animals. You can't see them, but they are hanging over my head.

I am not too thrilled with my Bumbo chair yet, so I will only stay in it for a few minutes, but that is still progress!

What a strong neck I have!

Its so hard for me to believe that Layla is two months old already.  The first 6-7 weeks, I only felt responsible for her care - making sure she was fed, clean and loved on.  All of the sudden it dawned on me that her development is on me too - making sure she is exercising and learning, etc.  Its not a bad thing, of course.  Just another amazing part of being a parent.  This week, I was singing a Christmas carol along with a tv commercial (despite the fact that it isn't even Thanksgiving yet!) and she stopped what she was doing, made eye contact with me and just smiled....which of course made me cry.  My baby is growing up too quickly! And yes, I know, they all do that.  But still, I get my moment to be weepy too! =)

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