Monday, October 11, 2010

Other Visitors

Gramma Joni and Grampa Kelly came to visit this week, so Layla has officially wrapped two more around that little finger of hers. Its amazing just how many people she can keep there. Huge thanks to Gramma for bringing a pot of her vegetable soup - I sure do miss her cooking, and ate it every day for lunch! (And there was enough to freeze for 2 more meals, so I will get to enjoy it again and again!)

Greta, Tom and Braylin came up for the weekend and we got to squeeze in a quick visit. Even if there are lots of miles between us, we are close at heart and loved getting to see you! Braylin is wonderful with babies, and did great with Layla, calling her "Lola" the entire visit. (However, she is NOT going to be a showgirl, for the record!) I can't wait to have vacation time again next year - we look forward to trying to come for a visit next year!

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